The family plays a crucial role in a child's development. The centre shares the responsibility for education with the family by completing and widening the children's learning experience.

The effectiveness of education at infant school largely depends on unified criteria shared at home and at school in the different moments of a child's life. To make this possible, there needs be communication and coordination among teachers and parents, and a continuity between the atmosphere at school and at home.

As well as personal interviews with teachers, the centre provides a complete programme of family advice, which helps provide further information on the different facets of the children's personalities.

Steps for helping parents and children start the school year

The transition from home to school can generally give rise to changes for the child if it is not carried out properly. These changes depend on the level of security and independence at home.

It is important for children to learn that the situation of separation from the father or mother is temporary.

flecha_morada How children start at school is adapted to their needs and those of their families.

flecha_morada The time that children stay at school at the beginning will depend on each child's particular needs.

flecha_morada Starting school should not coincide with changes in the child's family environment (the birth of a sibling, moving home, etc.).

flecha_morada Objects of attachment provide children with security and trust and may be very useful for their adaptation.

flecha_morada Adaptation in the company of a parent: children may be accompanied by their parents in their first experiences at the centre.